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Split System Heat Pumps

Buy before the upcoming price increase of


As of Jan. 1st, new guidelines took affect that increased SEER rating standards. HVAC units will gas heat have already been increased. Electric heat pump units are still available for purchase until the current stock from manufactures run out. We don’t know when the stock will be depleted, so don’t wait. Call us for more information.

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Coil Cleaning + Full Service

Save $95

Add an evap coil cleaning to your summer service and save $95.

We strongly recommend having your AC unit serviced every year.

While most people know this, they might not know how important a clean coil is. When a coil has dirt build up on it, it acts as a barrier between the air and the cold coil, preventing the air from touching the coil. It also reduces air flow to the house, causing the unit to run longer. If the air gets restricted more, it cause the coil to freeze build up ice on it, which will prevent air from crossing the coil. A decent coil cleaning can save hundreds in electricity. 

A full, detailed summer service and evap coil cleaning with professional cleaning solutions is typically $290, but with the discount for doing both at the same time, the cost is only $195.

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Lennox split system AC heat pump condenser discounted price


3.5 ton split system

limited supply discounted

Comair has a small amount of condensers remaining that were purchased at a discount. We have a very limited amount remaining, but if this post is still up, chances are there is at least 1 more available. 

They are 3.5-ton condensers, AC, so they would be paired up with a furnace (gas heating). They are the new higher SEER rated units from Lennox.

Call for more details.

Warranty – 10 year compressor and parts, 1 year labor

Sale is only while supplies last.

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