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Customers with a Comair Protection Plan: Any plan that has HVAC included on it will have a $0 service fee. If HVAC is not included, the service call will be $75.

When calling on the weekend, leave a message with your address, phone number, a brief description and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. 

Weekends are for emergency calls only.

If you have any problem with your AC or heater, we can help. Everything from small random noises, annoying vibrations, or deciding what filter is best, to more technical problems like low temperature splits, freezing up, or erratic behavior from a communicating system, we can help. 

We don’t take advantage of our customers; if we can fix your problem over the phone, we will, to save you money. We are also upfront with any repair costs and will work with our customers to find a solution that fits their budget.

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A/C not working? Check these items first...

Air Filter

A “90 day” filter does not mean your filter will last that long. Every environment is different, so filters should be checked periodically and changed when a layer of dust is noticed. Dirty or high MERV ratings (“expensive filters”) can restrict airflow, resulting in ice build up and a lack of cooling. If you’re unsure, remove the filter and monitor cooling for a day.


Most thermostats have batteries, try replacing them. Also check to make sure the “System/Mode” is set to “Cool” and the temp. is set 3 degrees lower than the room temp. on the thermostat. There is a usually a 5-10 min. delay, so give it 10 mins. to start. *Remember, lowering the set temp more than 2 degrees will not make the unit cool more. 

Air Flow

After 15 mins. from when you turned your AC on, find the lowest fully open vent and feel for cool air flow. If there is no airflow, change the Fan settings on the thermostat to “ON”. Check airflow again after 10 min. Limited or no airflow can be the result of dirty filters, dirty evap coil or ice build up on the indoor evap coil. If above changes did not work, see “Let System Rest”.

Reset Breaker

If your comfortable enough, go to your breaker box and turn the AC breaker off for 2 mins, and turn back on. If there are 2 AC related breakers, turn both off for 2 mins.

Turn Off for 1 Hour

If the AC is not cooling or you have limited/no air flow, turn thermostat to “Off” for 1 hour. Motors can overheat and ice can build up on the indoor evap coil if the unit is running for hours at a time. Turning it off will allow motors to cool down and ice to melt.

  Comair has been installing new AC units in the west valley for over 35 years, and has maintained a strong relationship with Lennox for over 25 years.

  Our installers are expert service technicians, so you can be assured your new system will be installed and set up the best possible way. Over the years, these technicians have been able to learn better installation practices by seeing other’s mistakes. Most companies use an isolated installation crew that never see the result of their work over time. 

  Our customers save between 25%-45% over other HVAC companies because we keep unnecessary expenses and greed out of the business.

What do I get with my new AC?

How much is an AC unit?


Price is including unit, installation, taxes and fees.


Price is including unit, installation, taxes and fees.


Price is including unit, installation, taxes and fees.

*Prices are subject to change depending on market cost. Additional charges may apply if extra work is needed. Please call for an accurate estiamte.

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