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Water Heaters

Need a new water heater? We'll install it for you!

Water heaters can typically last between 12-18 years. Our hard water in the Phoenix area is the main contributor in water heaters becoming inefficient or leaking from corrosion. The capacity of the tank is also reduced due to the sediment building up at the bottom of the tank, which can reach 20% of the tank!

Call us to get an estimate for a new water heater.

Water Heater

Starting at



Refrigerator not cooling?

We'll bring you a loaner!

Free for appliance protection plan customers.

As soon as you notice a problem with your refrigerator, give us a call and we’ll have one of our expert appliance technicians come out and see what the problem is. If your refrigerator can’t quickly be fixed, we’ll bring you a loaner one to use while yours gets repaired. 

*Limited amount available. Loaners are for short term use decided by Comair and we cannot guarantee availability

Having an issue?
Try these tips first.

Water Leak

If you feel comfortable enough, turn off the breaker to shut power off to the water heater. Then close the valve on the water line coming out of the wall into the top of the water heater.

If your toilet won’t stop running, take the top off the tank on the back of the toilet, there is a long lever with a chain attached from the lever to a flapper, lift that chain to re-seat the flapper. If it continues to run, see next toilet step.

If your toilet is leaking water or won’t stop running, there is a valve behind the toilet coming out of the wall with a hose running from the valve to the toilet. Turn this handle clockwise to shut off. Some valves will have a small white knob the size of a quarter that you push in to shut off.

 If any faucet is leaking water under the sink, locate the valve coming out of the wall under the sink. There will be a hose coming from it going to the faucet. Turn this valve clockwise, or push in if it is a small knob.

If a valve doesn’t work or you have a major water leak, there will be a main shut off valve outside your house, usually next to or below a hose spicket. Most houses have it out front, but look all around your house.

IMPORTANT – If you shut water off to your house or to water heater, you need to shut off power to the water heater, or don’t use any hot water. It is important to keep water in the tank if it has power to avoid damaging the heating elements.

Other Repair

If you have any electrical issues, try to shut the breaker off to that area or device, if you are comfortable doing so.

Outlets in kitchens, bathrooms and outside should be protected by a GFCI outlet. This is a special outlet with a button on it that says “Reset”. If you have an outlet in the kitchen not working, find the GFCI outlet in the kitchen and push the reset. Do the same for bathrooms and outside (GFCI outlet for outside will be in the garage in some houses). If this doesn’t work, or it’s a different outlet, you can look at your breaker box to see if a breaker is tripped. See “Resetting Breakers” in our Tips and FAQ section.

If your refrigerator seems to not be cooling, check to see if the light turns on in the refrigerator part and the freezer part. If no lights are working, you can try plugging the refrigerator into another outlet for a temporary fix. Call Comair as soon as your notice a cooling problem and we’ll try to bring a temporary refrigerator out.​

Check your filter, if it’s dirty but you don’t have a new one, take the dirty one out and shut off the unit for 30 min. Restart the unit.

Change batteries in your thermostat if it has batteries. There is usually a small door on the bottom or side that opens for batteries. If you don’t see this, try taking the thermostat off it’s base by un-snapping it. Use two hands to swing the bottom out, It will require a firm pull to un-snap. The back plate will stay on the wall.


Whether you have a protection plan or not, give us a call and we’ll get a tech out to fix the problem.