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Comair has been serving Sun City since 1992 with our Home Protection Plans. Homeowners know how an appliance or AC will have a problem at the most inconvenient times, like an AC in summer, or a water heater in winter. Most repairs cost several hundred dollars, and some companies charge twice as much just because they know how important these items are to have working, which makes it very hard to pay for, especially for customers on a fixed income. This is why customers started requesting more stability, so we came up with a home warranty type protection plan for the A/C. This grew into more plans covering all the major items in the home or a smaller plan that covers only a few items. The plans cover the most common parts that have issues at no charge besides the yearly cost of the plan. 

During the late 90’s the industry started to change with more Home Warranty companies entering the market. This quickly took off by offering commission payouts to realtors who sold plans and marketing that promised free replacement if an item fails. But, as the years went on and more customers started filing claims, they realized there were a lot of fees and stipulations attached, resulting in hundreds of dollars being paid for a repair, and replacement being a rare anamoly. The other concern that came up is the home warranty companies being national, meaning they hire local companies who work with them at a discounted rate. This causes several other concerns like quality of workmanship and accountability when a mistake is made. These sub contracted repair companies usually get paid per job, so the more times they go to a house the more times they get paid. It’s also easy for them to blame something on another repair company because there are several different sub contractors working for the warranty provider. 

All this is completely different for us. If we operated like that, we would be out of business. When a customer who has a plan with us calls in about their AC unit not working, we send one of our own in-house tech’s out to repair the unit. This service call is completely free for the customer and the work being done has to be done correctly the first time or we will lose money making multiple trips. We have no one else to blame for any mistakes since we don’t hire any third party companies. We honestly try to provide a value to our customers and keep their home functioning so they don’t have to worry about it. *1

1 – A customer will not have any fee for items covered in their contract. If the items is not covered, there will be a discounted cost for the repair.