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Get your heater ready!

Don't wait until the cold mornings to turn on your heat for the first time.

We recommend having your unit serviced if you have gas heat to ensure there is no gas leaks and no carbon monoxide escaping the unit.

With the cold morning coming, it’s important to make sure your heater is working properly and safely. Most houses have either a heat pump or gas heat. 

  If you have gas to your house, we strongly recommend having the unit checked before winter. It’s important to test the gas piping and valves for any leaks, as well as testing the flue vent piping and exhaust fan to ensure any carbon monoxide is vented outside and not into the air stream. We also test the flame and make any needed adjustments to get the cleanest burning flame possible, which reduces any carbon monoxide and makes the gas usage more efficient. 

  If you have a heat pump (electric), you may not need a service if you had the unit serviced before summer. If you are unsure or you have any concerns at all, please call to schedule a service. Remember, heat pumps struggle on morning when the temperature is below 45 degrees and often times will go through a defrost mode. Click here to view our article on “Gas Heat vs Heat Pump” to learn more.

Off Season Sale!

Lennox air condition and heating systems

up to $2,000 OFF!!

6 mo. NO payments, NO interest, $0 down

Right now is a good time to replace your old unit. A combination of discounts and good financing options along with the government changes coming next year that will cause another price increase, make this the best time.

When approved for financing, $0 down, No payments and NO interest incurred for 6 months.

There have been many changes from the government and many more will come next year and the year after. This unfortunately results in raised prices. We strongly recommend anyone who has an older unit to replace it now before the next price jump. In addition to the lower prices, financing specials that were created during COVID have been extended, giving 6 months of no payments and no interest incurred. This plan is perfect to get through the holidays without having to worry about more payments. The discounted units are available while supplies last. Give us a call to get a free estimate 623-878-9454.

What We Do

Comair was started with the goal to help families keep their home safe and functional without incurring unexpected and high repair costs by offering a home service warranty. We are not a typical home warranty company that outsources your call to a third party company with high trip charges, long response times and motivation to prolong service calls. We are an all inclusive home service warranty company that handles everything in house, from taking calls to making the repairs. We have our own certified technicians for AC repair, new AC installations, plumbing, water heater installations, appliance repair and electrical repair. 

New Customers – If you are interested in becoming a customer, simply give us a call at 623-878-9454 and we’ll set up a time to come do an inspection and help find the best option for you.

Existing Customers – Any customers that have a problem can simply call us to report the issue and in most cases we’ll have a technician out the same day. Labor is 100% covered, most parts are 100% covered, and if you live within our standard area there will be NO trip charge. If the time comes when a new AC unit or water heat is needed, we give our customers a 10% discount on standard equipment or an option to be the first notified of any sales (typically 40% off). 

We post small articles to help you learn a variety of tips and tricks for your A/C, water heater, and other items in your home.

We also post explanations for industry terms so you can be more confident in making desicions on your house.

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