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Important AC Changes

Government changes rules for A/C manufactures.
Prices increasing on average $1,250.

The federal government recently implemented changes that effect the SEER rating of A/C units and the testing procedures used to measure the SEER rating. One of the consequences of making these changes is an added cost to the manufactures that will be passed on to the customers. The extra cost varies depending on the type and size of unit, ranging from an increase of $1,000 up to $1,800. 

Lennox air condition and heating systems

Don't get scammed when getting a summer service

What you should know before you have your summer service.

Q: Do I need my AC unit serviced? And how often?

A: It’s good to have it serviced 1 time per year if the AC is less then 8 years old. When older, we recommend twice a year. If you have a good honest technician with history of the unit, they can tell you if once a year is still adequate. 

Q: How do I avoid being taken advantage of?

A: A summer service, or check up, has become a way for many companies to get their tech out there to sell. If the unit is older than 10 years old they usually try selling you a new one, or they have a list of 2 or 3 items that “need to be replaced or it won’t make it through summer”. Your relationship and history with the company you choose will play a large part in trusting their recommendations, but if this is the first time hiring them we strongly recommend getting a second opinion if you have any doubt. When you have another company come out, just tell them you need a service. Don’t share any information about the previous company until the second company gives you their recommendations. 

Q: I see specials for $30 or FREE! Is this real?

A: Every AC company has to make money to stay in business. No matter how big or small the company is, giving away free or really cheap service’s will cause them to not be around much longer. This is used just to get the tech out so they can try to find something that needs to be replaced. A legitimate service is typically no less than $70. This cost will at least cover expense to the company so they don’t feel pressured to sell. 

Remember to use common sense, ask questions, ask for pictures (make sure it’s your house), and feel free to call us with questions. Even if we don’t serve your area or your not our customer, we can assist with knowing if a price or service is reasonable.

What We Do

Comair was started with the goal to help families keep their home safe and functional without incurring unexpected and high repair costs by offering a home service warranty. We are not a typical home warranty company that outsources your call to a third party company with high trip charges, long response times and motivation to prolong service calls. We are an all inclusive home service warranty company that handles everything in house, from taking calls to making the repairs. We have our own certified technicians for AC repair, new AC installations, plumbing, water heater installations, appliance repair and electrical repair. 

New Customers – If you are interested in becoming a customer, simply give us a call at 623-878-9454 and we’ll set up a time to come do an inspection and help find the best option for you.

Existing Customers – Any customers that have a problem can simply call us to report the issue and in most cases we’ll have a technician out the same day. Labor is 100% covered, most parts are 100% covered, and if you live within our standard area there will be NO trip charge. If the time comes when a new AC unit or water heat is needed, we give our customers a 10% discount on standard equipment or an option to be the first notified of any sales (typically 40% off). 

We post small articles to help you learn a variety of tips and tricks for your A/C, water heater, and other items in your home.

We also post explanations for industry terms so you can be more confident in making desicions on your house.

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